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YOU ARE ENOUGH! You have what it takes to make things happen in your life. Whether the goal is big or small, the impact that it can have on your life is always great.

Putting things in proper perspective, planning and organization is critical to ensure you are in a position to thrive in achieving your goals. When you are intentional in your thoughts and intentional in your actions, Things Get Done!

My mission is to guide and support women on their transformative journey towards becoming their best selves. My comprehensive approach combines faith-based principles, personalized strategies, and nurturing community to help overcome internal barriers, unlock hidden potential and find true alignment in every area of life.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to providing ongoing support and resources tailored specifically to your needs. Benefits include, but not limited to:

Clarity and Direction

Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Goal Setting, Strategy and Implementation

Support, Alignment and Accountability

Goal Achievement and Sustainability



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Personalized Coaching Solutions




Clarity and Direction

Discover your deepest desires and gain clarity about what truly matters to you. Identify your goals and create a roadmap to achieve them, ensuring that every step aligns with your core values and purpose.

Goal Setting and Implementation

What gets measured gets done! Whether you are looking to advance in your career, start a new business, improve your relationships or enhance your personal well-being, this coaching will provide you with a blend of personalized coaching, accountability, and proven techniques to achieve your goals.

Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Identify your Core Values. Explore your own beliefs, and identity, and work towards personal growth and development. Break through self-limiting beliefs and embrace a mindset of abundance.

Support and Accountability

Get the support and accountability you need in the ways that you need to help you find ways to manage their time, set priorities, and maintain healthy boundaries, allowing you to build support systems that help you thrive!

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Work with ME!

The goal of every program is to ensure you have and maintain Forward Movement. I am here to help you get to the next level you are striving for using what you have. It is not going to be easy and sometimes it will be uncomfortable but I will be there to support you in your continued journey to thrive and not just survive. There are three customized programs designed to give you a total solution to get the results you need. They are:

90/180 Day Accountability Program

Coaching Sessions. Customized Accountability plans, Weekly Accountability calls and check ins

Coming Soon!


1:1 Strategy Sessions

Set of 3 Personalized sessions to address your specific need, develop a customized plan and strategy.

Limited Availability

Are you an Action Taker?

This community for women was created to help us to spur one another to good works. We are stronger together. We will have monthly training, pop ups and resources to help you build and thrive whether personal or professionally. Click the link below.

New Releases!

These products are designed exclusively for remarkable women who gracefully balance the intricate dance of careers, family responsibilities, and personal growth.

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Keandra Ward

Felicia is an amazing woman not only has she helped me personally by being a listening ear and a prayer warrior. Professionally she is an amazing researcher and idea generator. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and has been an amazing asset and support to my life personally and professionally.

Charlene Harris

Your journey, your walk, your faith encourages me!!! There have been obstacles come your way but you walk it out as God would and with grace. You have been a shoulder to cry on, you've prayed for, encouraged me with your love and support over the years. It speaks volumes.

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