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Felicia Marshall is Certified Professional Coach and Consultant. She has a B.S. in Management Information Systems and Masters in Business Administration. Her passion has always been to help aspiring visionaries bring their passions to life while overcoming the obstacles that many face in everyday life.

She is a proud wife, mother of three, Founder of Upward Horizons ®, a faith-based organization producing products and services for the education, inspiration and empowerment of others.

Are you stuck, frustrated, ready for change?

I am life coach dedicated to help you to awaken what is within and go after what you were birthed to do. It just takes you. Fully aware. Fully present and ready to act. You have what it takes. No more hiding. No more shrinking back. No more doubt.

I look forward to helping you:

SEE the vision clearly through awareness and education.

REACH the goals you have set before you through practical steps.

BELIEVE that you can do what you set out to do AND with excellence.

Let’s get started. Schedule a discovery session today.

Office: Office: 10312 Bloomingdale Ave, Ste 108-131Riverview, FL 33578

Call: +1 813-590-0023

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